About Me

Hi, my name is Nick and I review vapor products on YouTube. For the past 6 years I've been using electronic cigarettes to help keep me off traditional combustable cigarettes and I'm here to tell the world the benefits of these devices as well as some of my personal stories about my daily vape life.

My vaping story began in western Massachusetts where I was born and raised. As a teenager I got a late start with my rebellious phase and started smoking at the age of 16. My friends all smoked and I wanted to fit in with them; although I knew the risks of smoking I decided to try it anyways. Before I knew it I was hooked and began a 7 year addiction to combustable cigarettes. When I was 25 my then girlfriend convinced me that we both needed to quit and she suggested using an ecigarette. I bought my first kit which was a Volcano Magma and some strawberry apple menthol ejuice. From my first puff I knew that this would be a success for me and I needed to tell the world.

After about 3 months I struggled with my devices breaking down and batteries dying on me all the time so I turned to the internet to research what else was out there and that's when I found the old school vaping YouTubers like Scott Bonner (igetcha69), Grimm Green and Phil Busardo among others. I looked up to them and I wanted to help people like they were so I started a little blog to review the products I was purchasing. A few months later and little success with my blog I decided to try a different social media platform and that's where my Tumblr blog called Daily Vape came from. I set myself a goal of 400 followers and if I reached that number I would start a YouTube channel because perhaps that would reach a broader audience. I hit that goal after only a few months and started uploading videos to YouTube in April of 2014, my first being a Zamplebox Unboxing which is still up today (go check it out if you want a good laugh) and thus Daily Vape TV was born.

Over the past few years I've reviewed hundreds of different products, created a basic coil build tutorial series called #FRESHBUILDFRIDAY, and a vlog series Let's Vape where I talk about vaping advocacy and news. When my local government and the FDA started taking action against vaping, I dedicated myself to spread the good word about vaping advocacy in my Let's Vape series and testifying in front of lawmakers whenever possible. My life is heavily invested in the vapor industry from where I work at a vape shop to the ejuice line I co-own called Blazz eliquid.

I also enjoy a lot of other things besides vaping; I've been a freelance graphic designer since high school and I designed all the branding for the Blazz line. I love skateboarding although I don't get to ride as much these days. Craft beer is another passion of mine which you can see in my Let's Vape series called Beer O'Clock. I love to travel, I've been able to attend expos around the world and meet my subscribers as well as my YouTuber friends.

As a content creator I've always strived to deliver the best quality content I can and I've been working diligently to bring my viewers reviews of the latest vaping hardware and e-liquid. I'm excited and proud to present to you the next chapter for Daily Vape TV which is the central hub for all of my future projects. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and as always....VAPE ON!!