Vaping with Ken/Michele Lynn (Dull Dime Mods) 24 hour live stream to benefit the National Foundation for Suicide Prevention

 Source: Vaping with Ken

MY TAKE: This event was the first of its kind and overall a huge success. Over the course of 24 hours Ken and company raised over $13,400 to benefit the National Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Spirits were high from all the panel members with special guests like Tony B, Brian TVC, Mike Vapes, Jai Haze, Suck my Mod and VapinFagan just to name a few. It just goes to show that the vapor industry can transcend outside of our own circles to help others in need. All expectations for the stream were smashed and I'm sure Ken will once again be very tired for a very good cause!



Jimmy clark

Was pretty cool idea and to see every one there

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